“For the woman that values
quality and elegance”

To Nagatani’s way of thinking elegance is achieved by humility coupled with excellence in production. Individuality, is the representation of each’s values. The aim behind Nagatani’s products is to bring forward each woman’s individual elegance, and appreciation of quality by appearing as an item that becomes a constant companion.

Nagatani does not follow trends, or attempt to make items that represent them. Rather than temporary fashion, Nagatani seeks to emphasise the original elegance within a woman, and to support her individuality and style. Nagatani handbags allow the realisation of true beauty.

Trust in Nagatani

The technical quality and experience in production held by Nagatani is recognised by the Japanese government, and appreciated by the Japanese imperial family and the American first lady - who have both been recipients of our products. A Nagatani handbag is a product of genuine quality, and is one face of the excellence in Japanese craftsmanship.